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Video membership site earn great money from your classes!


I am Luis Escajeda. 

It is for all the owners (and even teachers) of Yoga studios, Fitness, Meditation, Self Help, Martial Arts etc: 

 Video Membership Websites


1) You can charge just $15 a month, hence lots and lots of people will go ahead and pay to gain access!


2) You don't need more place, hence you can give access to unlimited members


3) You just need a smartphone to record the classes that you already give anyway


4 ) We have studios and gyms customers that have from 100 to 2,000 members at $15 that's from $1,500 to $30,000 a month, every month


5) We changed the payment style so now Your Video Membership Website costs only $100 a month, you can cancel anytime, it has absolutely everything you need, no hidden fees, no contracts  


6) This is for your clients users who have not enough time or money to get enough classes, also for those who simply can't have enough of them, and for people who don't even go to one class because they have no time no money, but at just $15 a month? Now they will access your site, and they don't need to live only around your area they can pay and access from around the whole world and they will access 24/7, any time and anywhere they want to, they will interact via comments and forums with you, your teachers, and other members being part of a great family!


7) The more motivating, and the better your classes the more customers you will get through word of mouth and Facebook share, because the place people live, the space you have, and the schedules you have will no longer matter, only the actual quality of the classes matters! nothing else!



Seems like a wise thing to do, doesn’t it?

If this makes sense to you, or if you have questions, I am Luis Escajeda, go ahead:

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